Success Is Always Fun When Shared With Others.

Try PEAK for (3) months… That’s what I did! That was in 1996!! Fifteen years of PEAK Challenge and PEAK Fun! PEAK remains the Perfect Training Environment for the whole family!

– Tim LeVecke, Businessman, Villa Park CA

Training at Peak gives me the hope and inspiration I need to get in better shape and health. I couldn’t do it alone. Thank you Peak for being such a blessing in my life.

– Julie McInroy, Account Executive, Vicencia & Buckley Insurance Services, Inc.

I was asked to say something from the heart regarding my experience with Peak… here is what I know. Mr Anthony Mitchell is not just about your health. He understands clearly that your body is important. But he truly is more interested that your spirit is well and he incorporates that into his interaction with you, by encouraging you and praying for you. With Anthony its a lot more than a Cardio session! God Bless You Anthony! Keep up the Great Work!

– Donna Porter, CEO Coast Framing / Dream Home Consultants

Peak Performance Training is 1 on 1 training that will get ALL people in shape. Staff members are caring yet tough and work with teenagers to elderly. I have sent several of my athletes to Peak Performance to train and get stronger and more flexible. I highly recommend Peak Training if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life.

– Mike Grahovac, Concordia University, Head Baseball Coach

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the great one to one training I receive from you and your trainers at Peak! I lost 11 lbs in just 30 days and feeler leaner and stronger and most important, more knowledgeable than before about how my body responds to my own personally work out.

– Bryan Nash, CEO Bryan Edwards Publishing

I’ve been here almost 14 years, need I say more?

– Marilyn Bailey, Satisfied Client

I have known Anthony for 12 years, he truly cares about each and every client. He has a passion for people, and helping them become the best that they can be. He took the time to understand my unique “challenges” and has carefully crafted a program especially designed for me. The whole team gets updated on the week’s “mission” , so there is no way to “hide”. I feel better, I look better, I have more energy, and I have a coach I can rely on to be there for me when I need an extra push!

– Candi Grant, Satisfied Client

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Antony over the last few months now. As a long time athlete and professional health care provider, I have a wide variety of experience to draw from when assessing a person’s ability to teach and train. I have found Antony to display all of the qualities that I feel are vital to his line of work: experienced, motivational, technical, and conscientious. I have referred patients as well as family members to his facility, and do so with a high degree of confidence. I know that he and his staff will put forth their best effort in bringing out the best in their clients, and do so in a caring way.

– Dr. Eric Sense, Villa Park Chiropractic

Peak Performance brought me back to life! Thanks Antony.

– Maureen Benner, Satisfied Client

Peak Performance has been a 5 star experience of pure bliss. I have been able to transition my body into a new sculpture with the help and support of a amazing staff. A staff that challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone, encouraged me to eat healthy, and held onto me when I wanted to give up. I am utterly grateful and in debt to Peak for life. I love all of you and wish you all the very best. See you soon!

– Unique Robinson, InSphere Insurance Solutions

Antony is a most unusual person with incredible people and motivating skills. He understands what type of training is going to work so each person who comes to him will reach their goals. He’s highly intelligent, motivated with a good sense of humor. He is a favorite friend and mentor.

– Lesslie Giacobbi, Seven Gables Real Estate, Multi-level community involvement in City of Villa Park, CA

Only one trainer has the knowledge to turn your body and energy level into more than you’ll ever have to pay for. Antony is a magician-I’m in the program now after watching a friend of mine look 20 yrs. younger after a year with Antony.

– Pam Dunn, Residential Mortgages, Villa Park CA

I am very impressed with the quality of the trainers at Peak Performance. Not only are the trainers knowledgeable (they all have college degrees in exercise physiology), but they are very friendly and caring as well. I feel very confident in referring my patients to Antony and his staff. I know they will be well taken care of.

– Dr. Aniko Lengyel, Natural Health Specialist, Villa Park Medical

Peak Performance supports physical and emotional health. It’s a total package by caring people who are like a second family. Peak has helped me grow as a person and absolutely enriched my life!

– Sharon Flynn

You want a trainer who’s extremely knowledgeable, energetic, fun-loving and kick-ass!. Antony’s your guy! I have been training w/Antony since ’09 and am ever so grateful to him. He helped put the spring back in my step, solving a knee problem. His cross-training methods for my equestrian sports are exceptional. I will never let him go! Whatever your sport or passion, Antony’s an inspiration to us all.

– Jill Hexberg, Orange Park Acres

You will never find a more genuine, caring group of people than the trainers and staff at Peak. I have been a client at Peak since September of 2010 and this is the first time in my life that I have actually looked forward to working out!

– Carol Lutz, Owner, Dollars and Sense Accounting Services Inc.

Peak Performance is the perfect description of what Antony brings out in his clients. While addressing body, mind and spirit he makes you feel so good about yourself that you barely notice you’re working. Antony’s natural ability to discern “what you’re all about”….family, friends, your relationship with your kids or fitting into that Size 6 before the big reunion…enables him to lift your spirits and confidence so that you head home completely reinvigorated. You’ll believe in yourself and have a game plan for the things that matter most in your life. That’s the magic of Antony Mitchell. Head over to Peak Performance and rediscover your best self.

– Laurie Kuelpman, Businesswoman